Happily ever after doesn’t always go as planned. When your marriage is in trouble and nothing has resolved the issues cause turmoil within the relationship, perhaps it’s time to consult a lawyer. Divorce is never easy, nor is it something that most couples want to endure. But sometimes, it’s the best option. Take a look at the six signs below that indicate it’s time to speak to a tampa divorce lawyer.

1.    Nothing Has Helped: If you’ve tried counseling, talking it out, and more to no avail, perhaps the only viable solution left is divorce. Why stay in a marriage where you are unhappy or where there is anger or no love?

2.    Arguments: Do you argue more than you communicate? Everyone has their spats now and again. If those spots occur more frequently than not, however, it’s time to make a change.

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3.    You’re in it for the Kids: So many couples stay together simply because they have children together and wrongly assume it’s best for the kids. Don’t stay together for the sake of the kids because it may ultimately backfire on you.

4.    You Want to Be Alone/With Someone Else: If you are so unhappy in the marriage that you’d rather be by yourself, or if you’ve already began the search to find someone else to love, it’s time to put your marriage to an end rather than on the backburner.

5.    No Respect: It’s hard to regain respect for a person once it’s lost. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, maybe divorce is the next best step to take to make amends to the relationship.

6.    You’re Doing it for Family: Don’t worry about what your family or friends will think if you get divorced. You are the only person who lives your life; make sure that you live it for yourself.