Going to jail is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen during your day, but it may very well be something that you experience, even when least expected. So often, arrests occur when we had full intentions of going out and enjoying our days until other plans took over. What’s important to remember after an arrest is that you can post bond and that you will have your day in court to tell your side of the story. Keep the four things below in mind to ensure your arrest isn’t scarier than it is already.

1.    Don’t Make Matters Worse: When you’re angry, as you undoubtedly are after an arrest, it’s easy to say and do things that you don’t mean. It’s the worst of times to do that, however, because your actions may make your time in jail worse or cause even more difficulty when you go to court. Remain calm, at least as calm as possible.

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2.    Call a Bondsman: A bail is an amount of money placed on your criminal charges that can be paid to get out of jail until the court date. Bail may be paid directly through the courts or through a bonding agency. Most people prefer to use a bonding agency to make their bail bond weld county co because its considerably cheaper and faster.

3.    Stay Silent:  Invoke your right to remain silent if you’ve been arrested. The words that you speak may seem harmless at the moment but you never know what type of information may be used in court against you. It’s best to remain mum at this time to avoid the risks.

4.    Phone Calls: You’ll get to make a free phone call after an arrest. Use this call wisely to call your bondsman, family or friends, etc. to help out with the current situation. You’re not limited to one call like they portray in the movies, but your time on the phone could indeed be limited.